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New Skills Continuously Added!

To remain competitive and explore new markets or platforms, it’s crucial to manage a stable IT team and environment while focusing on core competencies. However, maintaining a reliable IT environment, sourcing the right IT talent, and retaining them can be a challenging but essential task.

Mavi Group’s Staff Augmentation services provide your organization with access to a range of IT skills that match your business requirements. This service offers a simplified and efficient way to gain control over your technical staff while expanding your team without the hassle of maintaining resources in-house.

Our team of skilled application professionals can develop and maintain all applications based on your workflow while meeting aggressive project timelines.


We at Mavigroup strive to provide the top talent for your short and longterm business needs.

Partnering with us can help you overcome the challenges of hiring qualified talent for your permanent positions, which can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort. We begin by understanding your organization’s needs, business flow, team dynamics, and culture to identify the ideal fit for your team.

Our team of experienced recruiters has access to a vast database of IT professionals with expertise in various technologies. We look for candidates who possess technical aptitude, analytical skills, and interpersonal skills. By staying in touch with hundreds of professionals on a daily basis, we have a good understanding of their compensation expectations and what it takes to attract and retain them. This enables us to produce the right candidate in a short amount of time.

Our technical experts conduct personal interviews and written tests to evaluate candidates thoroughly. Our background verification team partners with third-party companies to perform comprehensive checks on candidates’ past employment history, including reference checks, certifications, education, criminal history, drug tests, and credit checks.

Application Development

We are expertise in wide range of application development both Enterprise and mobile

In order to develop applications that are efficient and user-friendly, a proficient and innovative application development team is required. At Mavigroup, we have both in-house teams and dedicated recruitment teams with the experience to bring on board individuals capable of developing such applications.

Our team at Mavigroup specializes in both application development and maintenance and offers industrialized and adaptable models to help organizations design, build and improve their business applications. With a diverse portfolio of applications that include custom, package, mobile, and legacy, we have experience in developing and maintaining applications across varying platforms such as on-premise, cloud-enabled, and cloud native.

Our solutions are comprehensive and extend beyond the following:

  • Enterprise/Mobile Application Design using SDLC approach
  • Systems Integration and Modernization
  • Portal/Content Management Development


Mavigroup believes in automation first strategy

We utilize the latest tools in the industry, both vendor-specific and open-source, based on the customer’s preference.

Mavigroup is at the forefront of on-prem, hybrid, and cloud-to-cloud migration solutions for infrastructure and applications. Our team is constantly investing in learning new cloud technologies, including Alibaba, to ensure that we recommend the most cost-effective solutions for hosting applications. We compare various options and recommend the best possible solutions to our customers.


For the ultimate business salvation

At Mavigroup, we offer DevOps Consulting Services that allow our clients to leverage DevOps practices related to infrastructure and cloud builds, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), coding, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) practices.

Our DevOps Consulting Services help clients optimize and streamline their development process while providing guidance on best practices for infrastructure and cloud builds, such as automating infrastructure provisioning, configuration management, and containerization. We assist clients in adopting modern CI/CD pipelines to accelerate application delivery and minimize risks related to testing, deployment, and release management.

We also provide guidance on SRE practices, which are focused on designing and operating scalable and reliable systems, and our experts help clients implement SRE practices in their software development lifecycle. This allows our clients to benefit from the continuous delivery of high-quality software while reducing downtime, enhancing system resilience, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we offer DevSecOps services that focus on integrating security best practices into DevOps processes, allowing our clients to deliver secure software at a faster pace. We ensure that security is embedded throughout the development process, from design to deployment, and provide security testing, monitoring, and risk management services to help clients minimize security risks and protect their assets.

Quality Assurance

Enterprises have a responsibility of developing technologies that are efficient and innovative to meet the market's demands.

At Mavigroup, our professionals possess a deep understanding of testing, enabling them to create a smooth and consistent testing process that ensures a perfect outcome for the end-user. Our qualified testing experts rigorously test products to ensure uninterrupted performance, helping enterprises enhance their brand name in terms of quality.

We offer testing services to meet a wide range of requirements. Our approach to achieving an efficient testing process is guided by a systematic series of activities, starting with developing a strategy for a specific product based on its requirements. We then consult the efficiency of the automation process to harness the best out of our testing endeavors. Our testing process follows a brilliant gradation that includes a sequence of assurance parameters to develop the technology.